What you think about Social Media Games

When it comes to social media online games, they came to my life when I was done exploring the people around me and wanted to connect to the world. As an adult, I only have time to just go through my social media sites and “Like” the information shared by my friends and family.

It also helps me share the information that I find interesting with my friends.

 One day I got the notification from my friend Deborah to play Farmville. I thought she just wants me to play because she wanted energy (its a term when the player has exhausted their life and need an upgrade) so I joined in.

It is an addictive game as it gives an opportunity to create your own family house, you can purchase or rent property and you can create your own farm in short a virtual world. It helped me to explore new people with different backgrounds.

I could communicate with anybody around the globe who was a part of the game. It gave me the feeling of a perfect world and also it gave my imagination power. The game was super addictive and when my friend and I used to meet, we talked about nothing but how to upgrade my life and how to collect properties, purchase more farm etc. You can well relate to me if you have played the game.

 Later when I came to my senses I realized that my friends and I had more to talk about instead of a game. I realized that I did satisfy my need to explore the world but also made me realize that it cost my time which was more valuable. I was happy playing the game yet I was living in a delusional world. It’s not like I don’t go for online games but then I also know when to create a line between addiction and healthy competition.

 I have played basketball and I have also gone full nerd on Farmville but nothing can compare the satisfaction from both.
I loved playing both and I have grown addiction towards them yet I do not know which one will I choose if given a chance. To be true I love them both and I still play it depending on which one would I want to play first. It is truly said, “some habits are hard to leave.” I am just glad that none is harming my body but then again I was given another tip of advice “Excess of everything is harmful”, this helps me control myself.

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