Guide to a Successful Online Career

Literally, I just use this blog to write about stuff. I try to add information on technology because I am a marketer, so I brain dump what I know and I hope people read it. Recently I hit a wall and my business almost crashed. It was mainly due to a bad working relationship with someone that has been lucky enough to stumble across a place where he can sell his spam and make thousands of dollars.
I am envious in one way because he took the risk to get in there in the first place. Plus, sometimes it is about luck. Being in the right place at the right time. He was a teacher, and a pretty good one, and he’s got a good brain on him because he lives in Thailand like me and learned to read and write Thai (As well as speak the language too).
His hard work and risk taking paid off, and as an ex IBM employee to also English teacher in Thailand, he brought me out of teaching and into the online world too.
Unfortunately, it didn’t really work out as a business between us simply because it was his business. A partnership was on the cards, but honestly, that was never going to happen.
However, it did open my eyes to the world of online work. At the same time, it made it me lazy. At first, I worked hard. Then the money came easy. I took my foot off the gas and the wall came. Suddenly from $8,000 a month, I was down to $2,000. Luckily, I had an Airbnb plan that has saved me – and I have a pretty successful content and marketing business.

What Changed?
There are several things that drove me to change and start to work hard again. The fact that my friend proved that if you work hard enough, you will eventually be in the right place at the right time.
So far, I am up to around $5,000 per month again. Nonetheless, the worry and anxiety is still there. I needed more motivation


Recently I went back to the UK. Now I every time I go back it is usually pubs, green, and parties. This time though, my friends were cycling. I don’t mean your average cycling, I mean 14-mile jaunts. They urged me to join. I did an over 3 weeks I cycled a total of 84 miles.  

Since then I arrived back in Bangkok and the exercise disappeared along with my inspiration. Mainly sucked up by work. So, I have invested in a bike, found the nearest swimming pool, and I cycle everywhere now. By the way, I live in Bangkok, so I am cycling some dangerous roads! 

Since I started cycling: 

  • I feel more energetic 
  • I have better sleeping patterns 
  • It has encouraged me to eat better 
  • My work concentration has gotten better 

I am in the early stages, and I am a smoker, but I am hungrier for business and more focused on the work that I do. I am still not quite there, but I can see why so many successful people online say exercise and diet is so important. 

2.Cut down on Caffeine and increase Vitamin B intake 

Again, I am in the early stages of cutting down on caffeine. I feel affects too. Even after a good night’s sleep, I can wake up feeling the withdrawals. This is where I have my first ciggy of the day – not good. Then, I cycle about 2 miles at 9am in the Bangkok early morning heat to get a tea.  

That is my only caffeine intake of the day. I buy bananas on the way back and 2 bottles of water. Now my water intake was subdued because I drank a lot of tea – maybe 6 to 8 cups a day. Now instead I get through those 2 bottles of water in a day and I feel refreshed. Especially as I am a smoker. That also causes dehydration.  

I have to say, my smoking is much less to the point I actually feel like I could quit on my 15th attempt. I feel hydrated, the bananas are a great morning pick me up, and I also have Vitamin B and Vitamin C supplements that I am regularly taking.  

3.Have a sleep routine 

Suddenly I have fallen into a great sleep routine. I am asleep by 11-12pm and up at 8am or 9am. That’s a pretty decent night’s sleep. I do not set an alarm either. I wake up when my body says it is time to wake up. As an online worker that is a huge advantage for me because an alarm does not govern me! 

4.Organise Your Time 

Generally, I have been pretty good at organising my work schedule. The problem I have is that I am still not able to do the tasks I have assigned myself in a time frame that I have set myself. For example, today I was supposed to create a brief for an article about LIVE Dealer Suites that are a popular way to play online games. Instead I felt more motivated to write this blog – which I don’t get paid for sadly.  

5.Blog to yourself 

On the other hand, writing this is helping me put things into perspective. I am figuring out in my own mind how to get motivated. Admittedly, I almost played a game of Dota 2, but here I am writing this blog motivating myself to begin my day’s work.  

Life and Working Online is Tough – But We Can Do IT!!! 

Still I am not perfect, and there are jobs I dread but I know I need to do to ensure the money keeps rolling in. There are jobs I don’t mind doing – but honestly when I work, I have never enjoyed it – I just work for the money – that is me! However, my work is online and I do have a certain amount of freedom – that is the whole point of this, and if I get lazy, I earn less, if I earn less, I just pay the bills, pension, kids school, but have nothing left to enjoy my life.  

In the end the above factors are helping me head in the right direction towards building a successful online business.