5 Different Ways People Make Money Online

As an internet entrepreneur I am always looking for ways to invest in new ventures. It isn’t easy because I had to start small and work my way up. Firstly, there is the grind of the laborious work. Next, you use that money for your next online venture. You start to pay people to do the grind so you can work your way up. The process continues and along the way you learn how others are making money online.

I am still grinding and only making around $3,000 to $4,000 a month. If I really applied myself to my initial trade, which was IT networking, I could probably work my way to that kind of salary in couple of years and have all the security I don’t currently have by working as online entrepreneur.

Nevertheless, I would not swap my freedom for the world. Working online is effectively being your own boss once you work your way up the ladder. You still have deadlines for sure. However, overall you decide the hours you work in order to get the task in hand done on time. This is as opposed to getting into work at 9am and having until 5pm to get all the work completed. The alternative being staying late with no overtime.

Not for me!

Here are 5 different ways I know people make money online:

1. Writing Articles

Pretty much what I am doing now writing this blog. Writing pay starts low, but once you build up a reputation, then you can start getting paid serious money if you land the right job.

2. Freelancing using websites like UpWork

This covers the above topic of writing and a huge range of other skilled jobs. Web design, Java Developers, Internet Marketing, SEO, Social Media, web maintenance, graphic design and almost anything you can think of that means working on a computer to get the task done

3. AdSense Marketing

If you are good at marketing and writing, then you can bring a lot of traffic to your website. With a good amount of traffic, you can use the magic of Google AdSense to help companies advertise their service/product on your website.

The ads will be niche relevant so they are targeted and fully controlled by AdWords. This makes it easy for you because you just need to make sure the Ads show up in a space dedicated to AdSense on your website. Each time someone clicks on the Ad, you get paid.

There are so many ways to get niche specific traffic to your site too; such as, Social Media and Email marketing. The people behind the campaigns for the companies that show up your site are usually freelancers that are experts in Google AdWords.

4. Affiliate Marketing

For those able to crack AdSense marketing, affiliate marketing should also be a doddle. Instead of giving people the option to click on niche relevant Ads on your website, you are actually going to writing content that is in some ways a direct sales pitch.

With AdSense you are only providing information relevant to the niche of your website – the Ads are just an extra. On the contrary, with affiliate marketing, you are actually trying to get people to commit to buying a product by following a link.

When the site visitor clicks on your link, he/she is led to the company that owns the product/service. That link will have your affiliate code embedded. Once the sale is made, you are paid an affiliate commission.

Web hosting is probably one of the most popular affiliate marketing out there. Amazon is another great place as well as JV Zoo. Also, online casinos pay very good money for referrals; just check out naga128.com for an example of a great affiliate marketing company/website in Malaysia.

5. An online shop

Of course, this is an obvious one. Find the right market to target and you could save all the costs and hassles involved with having your own physical shop because you can sell everything you need online.

Driving traffic to your site will mean undertaking several marketing and advertising strategies. Leaflets and business cards to local clientele is a great place to start. Local online advertising via directories is also a great way to start small.

Once you begin to conjure up interest locally, you can use your locally gained customers’ Social Media to spread the word about your online shop nationally.

How? Remember, people on Facebook will have customers all over the country, and some globally. You can create a Social Media campaign such as Facebook advertising to spread the word to those connected to the people that have liked, followed, or endorsed your website via comments/engagement

Facebook Ads allow you to reach out beyond those that have liked your page. What better than to reach out to friends of your customers as a large number of them will be like minded individuals hence the friendship. It then stands to reason that the friends would most likely like the same kind of product/service.

If you don’t want to use paid ads, then find another way to get more people to your site via Social Media like creating a competition that will help you achieve your goal

The End

Here are 5 ways you can make a career online. It is not for everyone and you will not always feel secure. Sometimes you will fail, but if you keep trying, you will win. Like I said, I am only at $3,000 – $,4000 a month. Some people I know are getting 10 times that! I still would never swap what I do now