Emojis Online Gaming and Fashion

Bari For those who did not hear the news near the end of last year, an emoji was chosen by Oxford Dictionary as the “word” of the year 2015. The use of emojis in the world of fashion is so widespread that fashion insiders have given their own distinct meanings to emoji. In fact, Twitter even created some fashion-themed emojis during last year’s New York Fashion Week. However, use of emojis is no longer limited to mobile devices and social media. The emoji craze and obsession has achieved high fashion status and have now leapt onto clothing, as a result of which emoji fashion has become a new trend.

Emojis in Online Gaming

Today we see Emojis in online games as a way of expressing emotions. Shock, horror, laughter, anger and more. Games such as Soccer Stars use emojis instead of allowing users the ability to type to each other. In other games such as e-sports, they have also become incredibly popular.

Cry baby for bad losers or clapping hands for a game of part of the game well played. It is also much easier to use an emoji to express disappear or delight as opposed to having to take a time out and write a sentence, which could get you killed if you do it at the wrong moment.

History of Emojis and Fashion

Arguably, it all started with Donatella Versace when she designed mini dressed sporting emojis and hashtags, which were featured in her autumn/winter 2015 collection. The Italian fashion designer had also admitted that even her personal correspondence frequently contained emojis. Ever since then, emojis have appeared on a variety of high end fashion products, ranging from garments like jeans, shorts and T-shirts to jewelry, leather handbags and sneakers.

Even as far back as 2014, Gwen Stefani had attended the Z100’s Jingle Ball NYC 2014 clad in black and white striped T-shirt and a pair of cropped jeans. Both the garments that she was wearing were both adorned with brightly colored emoji patches. Gwen Stefani, who happens to be one of the coaches on The Voice, even wore an emoji patterned full-sleeved jacket when she joined Pharrell Williams in support of the 2014 launch of his adidas Originals Collaboration.

More recently, the Fall 2016 collection of Chanel was showcased in Paris back earlier in March this year. Among the models that walked down the runway, some of them were actually sporting subtle emoji prints over their outfits and accessories. The Chanel logo on their attires and accessories was surrounded by images of cats, clovers, flowers, peace signs and thumbs-up hands that mobile and social media users are all too familiar with. Apparently, the cat emoji-featuring brooches that were worn by the models were in honor of Choupette Lagerfeld, Karl Lagerfeld’s (Chanel’s creative director) pet cat.

Of course, high end designer products are not for everyone. The emoji fashion trend has also found its way to wholesale clothing. Now, just about anyone can wear their emotions for everyone to see. Many of these garments even feature emojis from a specific category, such as a T-shirt covered in cat, dog and monkey emojis, which is something animal lovers would love to wear.

In recent times, a strong link has developed between emojis and fashion. Of course, those who are not interested in an all-over look, emoji patches are also available that people can iron onto their bags or jackets or any such clothing or accessories. Emojis are definitely a cultural phenomenon, but now people can do more than just use them in their personal correspondences and online statuses. With the rise in the emoji fashion trend, people can now literally wear clothing and carry accessories that feature and have a variety of different popular emojis incorporated into them.

What Are the Most Popular Emoji Products Available These Days?

Emojis may seem like a silly feature on smartphones, but they have become somewhat of a cultural phenomenon that people expectedly obsess over. In fact, people have developed an inclination towards replacing actual words with emojis in their text messages, Tweets and Snapchat photos. The emoji craze has spread to such an extent that a large array of emoji products has surfaced in recent times and people who enjoy using emojis tend to take a lot of interest in such products.

Emoji Mugs

These types of coffee or tea mugs feature wrap-around illustrations of emojis drawn by hand. They come in sizes like 11 ounces and 15 ounces and they also tend to be equipped with large handles that are easy to grip. These mugs also happen to be both dishwasher and microwave safe, so you can drink both cold and hot beverages in them.

Emoji Phone Cases

Apart from protecting your smartphone, these types of phone cases can literally bring the emojis out of your phone. The back of these cases features either a single emoji design or a wraparound illustration of multiple emojis. These hard cases also happen to be flexible, impact resistant and in one piece. To add some emoji aesthetic to your smartphone and for solid protection, the case will simply have to be snapped onto it.

Emoji Pillows

These types of pillows are more like a combination of plush toys and sofa cushions. A majority of emoji pillows available today are designed to resemble face emojis, so they tend to be circular rather than the typical square or rectangular. This makes these pillows quite huggable. Of course, there are also some exceptions. For instance, a Devil Pillow is circular but also has protruding horns like those of the devil emoji. Similarly, pillows that resemble the monkey emoji and the poop emoji are also available.

Emoji Socks

Considering that emoji fashion is a new trend, it is not surprising that an item of clothing like emoji socks are gaining popularity, despite the fact that they remain concealed most of the time. Most people do not get too many opportunities to show off their socks, nor do they want to. However, when wearing socks that are available in different colors and covered in a repetitive print of a particular emoji, such as the devil emoji or heart eyes emoji, they will surely want their socks to be seen. A polyester and spandex combination also makes these socks quite comfortable to wear.

Emoji Decoration Photos

Emoji decoration photos are the same as emoji art prints, but relatives smaller. In fact, their size tends to be the same as that of a credit card, so they can be carried in a wallet. Of course, they are printed on natural white paper using high quality ink, which makes these custom-made decoration photos quite stunning. These decoration photos feature emojis in various artistic scenarios.

8 Warhammer 40,000 games that don’t exist, but should

The world of Warhammer 40k is so large that there will (touch wood) likely never be a shortage in spin-off games. That being said, how there have been so many licensed spinoffs is another topic completely because the quality to quantity ratio is way off.

It seems as though any studio could come along and make a new Warhammer 40k game and it will be, for the most part, favorably received by fans. In all honesty, it does not look like there is an oversaturation point for these spinoff games.

There is plenty to already be excited about like upcoming introductions like Warhammer editions of Monopoly (yes the fake cash-blowing board game) and Risk and the less physical Warhammer online chess. But there are other game concepts that would blend perfectly with the Warhammer universe to produce some fantastic games.

1. Alien: Isolation with an unkillable Necron warrior

For those who are familiar with the horror genre in gaming, they will agree that the formula used in Alien: Isolation would mesh perfectly with the scarier aspects of the Warhammer universe. For instance, you could use that same formula but instead of an un-killable alien chasing you, an un-killable Necron warrior could be coming for you. Of course, there are other, just as scary, creatures in the Warhammer universe (like the Tyranids) but since Necron warriors are able to come back from the dead it would be the perfect hard-to-kill monster that’s in between you and survival.

2.Dynasty Warriors but you’re a Space Marine Captain

Imagine controlling a Space Marine Captain and simultaneously hacking and slashing your way through hordes of incoming enemies. The combination of today’s technological advances (especially in gaming) and the awesome background cinematics of a Warhammer battle would make for a great game similar to the Dynasty Warriors series.

3.Battletech but with Imperial Knights

The mechanical combat genre of games has seriously improved. Today we have stunning games like Mechwarriors and Battletech that keep players engrossed with its seamless tactical mech-combat fighting style. This type of turn-based strategy game would work perfectly with Imperial Knights (and maybe a few Titans) to bring about an edgy mech-combat game.

3.Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments but with an Ordo Malleus Inquisitor

The murder-mystery element combined with Warhammer 40k lore seems a bit far-fetched at first but picture yourself as an Ordo Malleus Inquisitor, traveling to distant planets to root out heresy wherever it may be. Is everything as it seems or is there physical manifestations of chaos hiding on this planet? That’s for you to decide and the fate of the entire planet then rests in your hands. If you decide to exterminate every planet you investigate then you will be put under investigation by the Ordo Malleus but remember that even they can fall into the darkness of chaos.

4.Splinter Cell but you’re an Eversor Assassin

Playing as an assassin to tackle corruption from within already corrupt governments seems like something that is a bit typical of those types of games, however, Eversor Assassins are anything but your typical assassin. They are much more violent than your average assassin (and that’s saying a lot for someone whose job is to kill) and on top of this, they are constantly in a state of intoxication from hard drugs. This means you will have to keep an eye on the toxicity of your blood while attempting your assassinations which add new levels to the typical “killer for hire” formula that has been used before.

5.Spore but you’re a Tyranid hive

If you have ever played the game Spore you will notice that as you advance through the different stages of life you are, for the most part, doing so in a peaceful environment which makes it a pretty tranquil game overall. But what if the game weren’t peaceful and instead you had to eat biomass to evolve and spread (like a Tyranid Hive). You would start off having to eat what is on the planet and as you eat more you grow and eventually, you will engulf the whole planet. The tricky part would be battling it out with other Warhammer 40k factions once you are out in space.

6.SimCity but you’re a planetary governor on a forsaken hell world

This idea is pretty self-explanatory from the subtitle but a little extra imagining couldn’t hurt. This would not be like your standard city-builder and society simulator like SimCity but darker in terms of the crises you need to manage like Frostpunk. You face challenges such as being murdered or being exiled to die or even worse: chaos breaks out and engulfs your city.

7.Space Marine but with more Space Marines

The Space Marine pc game developed by Relic Entertainment and published by THQ was a brilliant hack and slash brawler that was, by all accounts, a sequel away from being a smash hit. By adding a few extras like a squad combat feature like Republic Commando modeled on Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team skirmish scenarios and keeping aspects of what made the first game great, a Space Marines 2 could be the greatest Warhammer game ever made.

6 Most Sold Games Of 2018

Following are most sold games of the year 2018 which even broke their own previous records-

  1. Monsterhunter: World

This action game is developed and published by Capcom. The player gets to play a hunter who hunts and kills the monsters. If the hunter succeeds he gets weapons and other equipments. It offers multi functionality of maximum 4 players. This became the fastest top selling game in Capcom’s history. During the entire mission the hunter has to keep up his health. If it falls down to nil, he passes out and is shifted back to the camp.

  1. DragonBall:Fighterz

This 2.5D fighting game is developed by Arc System Works and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It is developed for Playstation4, Xbox one and Microsoft windows. The best part about the game is that the player has 24 options of the lead character. He can choose any of theses to be controlled. This game has received positive reviews from the critics and the players have always been excited about this game. The main highlight is its wonderful animations and the catchy story line. One week after the game’s release the game had shipped two million copies. It is the fastest selling dragon ball game ever.

  1. Callof duty:WWII

This shooting video game is developed by Sledgehammer Games and published by Activision in 2017. It is the 14th installment of the call of duty series. The main highlight of the story is that it is set in World War 2. The player gets to control the character named Ronald Daniels. The players can also interact with each other using the networking headquarters. The game has mainly attained positive reviews. It reminds the players of the 2014 call of duty: advanced warfare. Just like the previous games this game is also a shooting game and was thus criticized by a few for its similarity.

  1. Grandtheft auto V

This is an action adventure game which is developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. It was developed for Play station 3 and Xbox360 and later for Xbox one and Play station 4 in 2015. This is a single player game about three thieves. They move freely in an imaginary city of San Andreas. This game is the fastest selling game in the history of the gaming world. It broke many records. This game was appreciated by each player and is considered to be one of the best games ever created.

  1. NBA2K18

This is a basketball stimulation game, developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports. This is the 19th installment of the NBA 2K series. In the year 2017 it was developed for Xbox one, X box 360, Play station 3, Play station 4 and Microsoft Windows. The main athletes in the game are Shaquille O’Neal and DeMar DeRozan. The players get to experience the feel of the National Basketball association. Its main highlight is the presence of real life players and teams. The players can also customize the main character as per their choices. The players also have an option to interact with each other. The game has been critically acclaimed for its visuals. 1 month after the release of the game it sold 6 million copies. In 2017 it won the award for “best sport Game” at Game Informer’s best of 2017 awards.

  1. Super Mario odyssey

This is a 3D platform game developed and published by Nintendo. The super Mario series are the most played series in the history of the gaming. The game includes the story of the main character Mario and a ghost. It is set in a fictional world and aims to save the princess peach who is getting forcibly married. This game aimed to appeal to the Mario fans and thus features a theme song “jump up, super star”. This game is considered to be the best in the Mario series. It received wide critical acclaim. In 2017 it sold over nine million copies worldwide. It is thus considered as the bestseller of the series. This game also allows the players to move the camera freely and capture the screen.

Cryptocurrency Investment

What are the best cryptocurrencies to invest in?

At the moment there are so many cryptocurrencies to choose from, it can be difficult to know which one is going to be profitable. The best way to make to sure you choose the best cryptocurrencies is to keep an eye on their news and choose only those that are consistently in the top 100 cryptocurrency reports.

Ripple (XRP)

This is one cryptocurrency that has had its fair share of flack as well as positivity. It is one of the mainstream currencies and gives you can alternative to currencies such as Litecoin or BitCoin. Ripple helps to make more borderless transfers with low cost fees.

KuCoin Shares

These are probably one of the safest cryptocurrencies that you can invest in right now. In fact, KuCoin shares are more like stocks. The idea is that you sign up to the KuCoin exchange, which supports multiple cryptocurrencies. When you are a member of the exchange, you can opt in to buy KuCoin tokens using whichever cryptocurrencies you have transferred to the exchange.

Please note that you will need to exchange your fiat currency into BitCoin or Ethereum. Once you have done this, you can transfer these to the KuCoin exchange, and then exchange these by buying KuCoin tokens. Your accumulative number of KuCoin tokens will effectively be your KuCoin Shares.

Now the ingenious way these KuCoin Shares make money is why this is an investment that is a no brainer. KuCoin bonuses are used to increase the value of its tokens. The exchange does this by taking 50% of all daily trading fees and sharing out the total amongst the number of tokens that have been distributed specifically for KuCoin shares.

In effect, if you own KuCoin Shares, then you will be earning a passive income as your tokens continually rise in value. Trades occur every day on the exchange, so there are always daily KuCoin bonuses paid out. Furthermore, KuCoin is in the top 20 charts that measures the highest daily trades in US$. The exchange is attracting an increasing number of traders and so the growth outlook is looking very positive.

Augur Coins

When it comes to crowdfunding and prediction software, Augur is one of the leading companies on the blockchain. In fact not many other are doing what Augur is doing right now, which is basically creating a shared space where experts in their fields can together predict the future outcome of certain markets.

The system is already used with FOREX and with stock trades. It uses a ‘Crowd’ function to bring together accurate predictions. Those that get predictions correct will be rewarded; while, those that make wrong predictions are penalised. In the end, you get a percentage chance of the outcome of an event.

It is said that in the future, this technology will be able to predict actual real-life events. It is also going to take a huge jump into the gambling industry at some point in the future. Where there are sports where stats can closely predict the outcome of the sports event to very close degree. This will something that is sure to hit the roof when the system comes into what is a very popular and large sports gambling marketplace.

Walton Coins

In Korea and China the international governments have both backed the Walton Coin. The coin rises in value along with the growth of the business. Effectively, the company has raised capital to invest in a huge RFID tagging system project in Asia. Smaller, less expensive and more cost-effective RFID tags have already been released and are tracked on the blockchain.

Unique tagging IDs are given to each item and the item can then be tracked from the shipping location to the shipping destination. Environmental conditions of the items can be predicted, geo-locations, weight, and other stats. This technology is so advanced and at the same time much cheaper than any other RFID tagging system out there at the moment. In the end, large companies that ship items from bulk steel all the way to intangible firms that use ecommerce to deliver their product can considerably reduce the costs involved with shipping.

Shipping costs include failed deliveries and damaged goods, which the RFID tags are also used to solve these issues once again creating huge cost saving benefits for the companies that will use Walton.

Ripple’s also has an RFID tagging system that is very much the same as Walton and is dominating the USA with companies such as Walmart signing up to manage their shipments on the blockchain.

Walton is going to be Asia’s Ripple. With that being said, it is a worthy investment if you are looking for a long term investment opportunity on the blockchain that is going to slowly buy surely make your some very hefty returns over time.

Wave Coins

Wave is yet another cryptocurrency that we would recommend. This is basically a way of transferring US$ or EUR very quickly at fees much less than a bank would charge. Now a bank will charge a large fee for international transfers and business to business transfers. Wave charges at a fraction of the cost.

Social Media Marketing – What Is It?

Social Media Marketing, as the name itself illustrates, refers to the exploitation of social networking platforms for commercial and promotional purposes. Whether it is about the marketing of eCommerce industry, or about the promotions of individuals or brands, social media now plays a crucial role.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube have long been supporting social media marketers for advertising. Now, Instagram is being used as a robust marketing platform as well.

How Does Social Media Marketing Benefit You?

We already know the substantial impact of social media on our lives. Anything shared on these platforms has a direct effect on public opinion. Active social media marketing plays a key role in branding. If you keep on sharing the plus points of your business or brand, you are surely going to make a difference and drag more customers towards you.

At the same time, these platforms let you establish a direct link with your customers. People can freely interact with you, share their feedback, and forward complaints to you. At the same time, they can stay updated on your brand’s stance.

Social media marketing also helps in the SEO of your website. Since you get instant traffic from these platforms towards your site, it proves to be an organic way to drive more visitors to your web page. Ultimately, you can improve your brand’s position on SERPs.

What Can You Do with Social Media marketing?

There are so many different marketing techniques available with Social Media Marketing that any industry can take advantage of its powerful ability to lure in potential customers.

  • You can get people to download your app


Getting people to download your app can be quite difficult unless you have a good traffic source and a marketable app. The latter being the most important of course. If your app is not very appealing, then there will be no demand and very few people will use it. However, if the opposite is true and you have a good angle to market your app, then you will find paying to use Social Media ads to gain exposure is one of the best ways to bring the online public’s attention to your app.

  • Get people’s contact details


Contact cards are the perfect lead generation tool. They are mainly found on Facebook. If someone likes what you are offering and would like a follow up from your sales team, the person can leave their name, email, phone number and even their address. Your sales team then has a qualified lead that they are able to close.

  • Increase exposure for your brand


The most obvious way to increase exposure is to increase the number of people that like, tweet, share, or follow your Social Media profiles. This means your posts will continually turn up on those people’s timelines constantly reminding them of your brand. This is an awesome way to get your name out and build brand awareness as well as create your business’s brand image.

Usually most people will need to get traffic to their site, so people can connect with their social media profile. On the other hand, there are also other methods such as paid advertising that can be used on social media profiles whereby people do not even need to know or visit your website to find your social media profile.

Advertising can be set to target certain demographics and geographic locations, and the social media platform will target those users that fit your specifications set for your paid ads campaign. Only people that like what they see will generally like, share, follow or comment as a direct result of your social media campaign.

  • Get clicks to your website


Another great side to Facebook advertising is getting clicks and traffic to your website. This is especially useful for those that are selling products on an ecommerce website. With the right graphic designer, you will be able to attract those interested your products via advertisements from social media campaigns. if you are targeting sites in a foreign language, then make sure you use a translator to ensure everything is OK – for example if I was targeting an online real money site that takes bets for Thai public, I would use Thai and use this as my title – คาสิโนออนไลน์. (You can check out a website already doing this via the link provided so you have a real life example).

Once these people visit your ecommerce site, if they like what they see, you should start to make sales that some as a direct result of social media exposure.

  • Customer services option


Due to the fact that so many people use Social Media many large corporations down to small business websites have seen the benefits of using Social Media as a contact point for their customers as well as potential customers.

Customers and those interested in asking more about your services or product will be able to use their social media account to get in contact with you. If you have a decent enough customer care set-up that monitors your Social Media, then you will be able to quickly get back in contact with your customers and potential customers.

The added advantage to this is that all Social Media platforms already have built in mobile messenger services. This means you do not have to worry about creating a mobile app for customer care because you are already taking advantage of the Social Media company’s mobile technology.

Wrapping It Up

Social media marketing ensures a live online presence of your brand. You can develop a trustworthy rapport with your customers. You can even get direct leads by a robust social media identity. That is why effective social media marketing is now a requisite for a robust online presence and eCommerce business.

Why Should The Comic Books Not Get Looked Down By Adults

Why Should The Comic Books Not Get Looked Down By Adults?

The graphics books have gotten looked down upon for a long time by many. The points that they put forward is that these books are not literature and they do nothing to improve your knowledge or reading skills. But any avid reader will tell you that these points are entirely wrong. These books are a storehouse of knowledge and contemporary themes if the choice is made right. Through these comic books, you are reading the same significant issues but in an easier to read and understand kind of way.

The Significance Of The Books For Young Adults

The teenagers and the young adults are the ones that benefit the most from the reading of these graphic novels. This benefit is because of the themes that these books touch. Most of the current topics are about the issues plaguing the world in general, teenage angst and related problems, women empowerment and so on. So they strike a chord with the young readers who find a bit of themselves in the characters of these graphic novels.

They find hope for themselves too in the triumph of the superheroes in the novels. The visual medium helps them stay engrossed in the comic book for a long while the other novels and stories fail to capture their attention. Most of the stories are metaphorical that makes them so engaging to the readers.

The Way To Start Writing Your Graphic Novel

If you wish to enter the world of graphics artists, do not begin by thinking that there is no hope for you without the help of a publisher. There is no need for you to rely on a publishing company as a beginner if you are ready to start small before you go big. The first thing that you need to do is to create a blog and start using social media to develop an audience base for your work.

If your work is good and you can engage in a bit of marketing on your own, it is sure to reach a lot of viewers. You must remember that the word of the mouth publicity is an excellent form of advertising in the present age of social media. You can use crowdfunding to get your work published. Several sights can help you with this, and some so many authors have begun like this. The books like the pro comic have traveled to several conventions and festivals, and you can try that route to promote your book too.

You will find several comics on the internet for free as well as for nominal price. You can choose the one from the plethora of options that best suits your reading style. Alternatively, you can also go for the one that is entirely different from your reading style as a means of experiment. No matter what choice you make, you must get into the world of these modern graphic novels to know the magic that lies within.

Guide to a Successful Online Career

Literally, I just use this blog to write about stuff. I try to add information on technology because I am a marketer, so I brain dump what I know and I hope people read it. Recently I hit a wall and my business almost crashed. It was mainly due to a bad working relationship with someone that has been lucky enough to stumble across a place where he can sell his spam and make thousands of dollars.
I am envious in one way because he took the risk to get in there in the first place. Plus, sometimes it is about luck. Being in the right place at the right time. He was a teacher, and a pretty good one, and he’s got a good brain on him because he lives in Thailand like me and learned to read and write Thai (As well as speak the language too).
His hard work and risk taking paid off, and as an ex IBM employee to also English teacher in Thailand, he brought me out of teaching and into the online world too.
Unfortunately, it didn’t really work out as a business between us simply because it was his business. A partnership was on the cards, but honestly, that was never going to happen.
However, it did open my eyes to the world of online work. At the same time, it made it me lazy. At first, I worked hard. Then the money came easy. I took my foot off the gas and the wall came. Suddenly from $8,000 a month, I was down to $2,000. Luckily, I had an Airbnb plan that has saved me – and I have a pretty successful content and marketing business.

What Changed?
There are several things that drove me to change and start to work hard again. The fact that my friend proved that if you work hard enough, you will eventually be in the right place at the right time.
So far, I am up to around $5,000 per month again. Nonetheless, the worry and anxiety is still there. I needed more motivation


Recently I went back to the UK. Now I every time I go back it is usually pubs, green, and parties. This time though, my friends were cycling. I don’t mean your average cycling, I mean 14-mile jaunts. They urged me to join. I did an over 3 weeks I cycled a total of 84 miles.  

Since then I arrived back in Bangkok and the exercise disappeared along with my inspiration. Mainly sucked up by work. So, I have invested in a bike, found the nearest swimming pool, and I cycle everywhere now. By the way, I live in Bangkok, so I am cycling some dangerous roads! 

Since I started cycling: 

  • I feel more energetic 
  • I have better sleeping patterns 
  • It has encouraged me to eat better 
  • My work concentration has gotten better 

I am in the early stages, and I am a smoker, but I am hungrier for business and more focused on the work that I do. I am still not quite there, but I can see why so many successful people online say exercise and diet is so important. 

2.Cut down on Caffeine and increase Vitamin B intake 

Again, I am in the early stages of cutting down on caffeine. I feel affects too. Even after a good night’s sleep, I can wake up feeling the withdrawals. This is where I have my first ciggy of the day – not good. Then, I cycle about 2 miles at 9am in the Bangkok early morning heat to get a tea.  

That is my only caffeine intake of the day. I buy bananas on the way back and 2 bottles of water. Now my water intake was subdued because I drank a lot of tea – maybe 6 to 8 cups a day. Now instead I get through those 2 bottles of water in a day and I feel refreshed. Especially as I am a smoker. That also causes dehydration.  

I have to say, my smoking is much less to the point I actually feel like I could quit on my 15th attempt. I feel hydrated, the bananas are a great morning pick me up, and I also have Vitamin B and Vitamin C supplements that I am regularly taking.  

3.Have a sleep routine 

Suddenly I have fallen into a great sleep routine. I am asleep by 11-12pm and up at 8am or 9am. That’s a pretty decent night’s sleep. I do not set an alarm either. I wake up when my body says it is time to wake up. As an online worker that is a huge advantage for me because an alarm does not govern me! 

4.Organise Your Time 

Generally, I have been pretty good at organising my work schedule. The problem I have is that I am still not able to do the tasks I have assigned myself in a time frame that I have set myself. For example, today I was supposed to create a brief for an article about LIVE Dealer Suites that are a popular way to play online games. Instead I felt more motivated to write this blog – which I don’t get paid for sadly.  

5.Blog to yourself 

On the other hand, writing this is helping me put things into perspective. I am figuring out in my own mind how to get motivated. Admittedly, I almost played a game of Dota 2, but here I am writing this blog motivating myself to begin my day’s work.  

Life and Working Online is Tough – But We Can Do IT!!! 

Still I am not perfect, and there are jobs I dread but I know I need to do to ensure the money keeps rolling in. There are jobs I don’t mind doing – but honestly when I work, I have never enjoyed it – I just work for the money – that is me! However, my work is online and I do have a certain amount of freedom – that is the whole point of this, and if I get lazy, I earn less, if I earn less, I just pay the bills, pension, kids school, but have nothing left to enjoy my life.  

In the end the above factors are helping me head in the right direction towards building a successful online business. 

What you think about Social Media Games

When it comes to social media online games, they came to my life when I was done exploring the people around me and wanted to connect to the world. As an adult, I only have time to just go through my social media sites and “Like” the information shared by my friends and family.

It also helps me share the information that I find interesting with my friends.

 One day I got the notification from my friend Deborah to play Farmville. I thought she just wants me to play because she wanted energy (its a term when the player has exhausted their life and need an upgrade) so I joined in.

It is an addictive game as it gives an opportunity to create your own family house, you can purchase or rent property and you can create your own farm in short a virtual world. It helped me to explore new people with different backgrounds.

I could communicate with anybody around the globe who was a part of the game. It gave me the feeling of a perfect world and also it gave my imagination power. The game was super addictive and when my friend and I used to meet, we talked about nothing but how to upgrade my life and how to collect properties, purchase more farm etc. You can well relate to me if you have played the game.

 Later when I came to my senses I realized that my friends and I had more to talk about instead of a game. I realized that I did satisfy my need to explore the world but also made me realize that it cost my time which was more valuable. I was happy playing the game yet I was living in a delusional world. It’s not like I don’t go for online games but then I also know when to create a line between addiction and healthy competition.

 I have played basketball and I have also gone full nerd on Farmville but nothing can compare the satisfaction from both.
I loved playing both and I have grown addiction towards them yet I do not know which one will I choose if given a chance. To be true I love them both and I still play it depending on which one would I want to play first. It is truly said, “some habits are hard to leave.” I am just glad that none is harming my body but then again I was given another tip of advice “Excess of everything is harmful”, this helps me control myself.

Find out more about Farmville from Zygna Games.

Why is MOBA gaming so popular?

It may seem absurd to compare Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games to popular, global team sports like basketball and soccer. However, the reason MOBA gaming is so popular is because it has quite a lot in common with them. Like these team sports, MOBA gaming also has certain similar traits that have granted it an almost universal appeal.

The foremost reason that MOBA gaming is so pervasive and popular is because just about everyone can participate. Most people these days have computers and a lot of them use their computers for gaming, whether frequently or occasionally. The great thing about MOBA games is that they do not have high system requirements and so, they can be played on computers that are not too high-powered. Furthermore, most MOBA games are free and usually, a disc does not have to be purchased. Rather, most of these games can be downloaded online without paying anything.

Compared to video games from other genres, MOBA games are actually fairly accessible. Playing these games tends to be relatively easy, especially because the characters in these games have limited powers and the controls tend to be straightforward. Even understanding the objectives is generally easy. Players know what lanes they have to run down in order to find enemies and the towers that have to be destroyed are also quite obvious.

However, not all MOBA games are easy or straightforward when it comes to League of Legends, Dota or Overwatch games. A lot of people need coaching or boosters to help them progress. Op-boost is a new website that you check out to see just how games such as LOL have divisions. You need skill to increase your chances of rising through these levels and so people seek help of businesses that specialize in coaching players to become much better. (Jan 2018)

No doubt, players who get too comfy may end up playing poorly, which may affect their team negatively. However, that does not change the fact that getting into and learning the basics of MOBA games can be quite easy, but at the same time, mastering them requires practice. Like any sport, the fact that mastering these games requires practice and takes time makes them even more popular.

Apart from playing them, watching others play MOBA games tends to be equally entertaining. Live matches are constantly being streamed on websites like Twitch.tv and thousands of gaming enthusiasts tune into watch them. MOBA games have not only been developed to be easy to access and play, they are also easy to watch and understand for the audience.

Ultimately, MOBA games are just another form of e-sports and they are popular for the same reasons. Another major reason being that many people enjoy being competition and are fond of playing competitive games. As easy as MOBA games happen to be, the key to leading a team to victory is to proper execution and skill.

This is why MOBA gaming can be compared to traditional sports. Playing MOBA games on a competitive level, may actually require a greater skillset than that possessed by an average gamer. However, the great thing about these games, as mentioned, is that just about anyone can start playing them and strive to master them.

Hence, just like the popularity of traditional sport is likely never to wane, the popularity of MOBA gaming will also keep on growing. Moreover, just like there are those who enjoy and prefer watching traditional sports rather than participating in them, MOBA gaming happens to be entertaining and fun enough that people can just watch these games being played.

Here is the definition of MOBA games from Wikipedia.

5 Different Ways People Make Money Online

As an internet entrepreneur I am always looking for ways to invest in new ventures. It isn’t easy because I had to start small and work my way up. Firstly, there is the grind of the laborious work. Next, you use that money for your next online venture. You start to pay people to do the grind so you can work your way up. The process continues and along the way you learn how others are making money online.

I am still grinding and only making around $3,000 to $4,000 a month. If I really applied myself to my initial trade, which was IT networking, I could probably work my way to that kind of salary in couple of years and have all the security I don’t currently have by working as online entrepreneur.

Nevertheless, I would not swap my freedom for the world. Working online is effectively being your own boss once you work your way up the ladder. You still have deadlines for sure. However, overall you decide the hours you work in order to get the task in hand done on time. This is as opposed to getting into work at 9am and having until 5pm to get all the work completed. The alternative being staying late with no overtime.

Not for me!

Here are 5 different ways I know people make money online:

1. Writing Articles

Pretty much what I am doing now writing this blog. Writing pay starts low, but once you build up a reputation, then you can start getting paid serious money if you land the right job.

2. Freelancing using websites like UpWork

This covers the above topic of writing and a huge range of other skilled jobs. Web design, Java Developers, Internet Marketing, SEO, Social Media, web maintenance, graphic design and almost anything you can think of that means working on a computer to get the task done

3. AdSense Marketing

If you are good at marketing and writing, then you can bring a lot of traffic to your website. With a good amount of traffic, you can use the magic of Google AdSense to help companies advertise their service/product on your website.

The ads will be niche relevant so they are targeted and fully controlled by AdWords. This makes it easy for you because you just need to make sure the Ads show up in a space dedicated to AdSense on your website. Each time someone clicks on the Ad, you get paid.

There are so many ways to get niche specific traffic to your site too; such as, Social Media and Email marketing. The people behind the campaigns for the companies that show up your site are usually freelancers that are experts in Google AdWords.

4. Affiliate Marketing

For those able to crack AdSense marketing, affiliate marketing should also be a doddle. Instead of giving people the option to click on niche relevant Ads on your website, you are actually going to writing content that is in some ways a direct sales pitch.

With AdSense you are only providing information relevant to the niche of your website – the Ads are just an extra. On the contrary, with affiliate marketing, you are actually trying to get people to commit to buying a product by following a link.

When the site visitor clicks on your link, he/she is led to the company that owns the product/service. That link will have your affiliate code embedded. Once the sale is made, you are paid an affiliate commission.

Web hosting is probably one of the most popular affiliate marketing out there. Amazon is another great place as well as JV Zoo. Also, online casinos pay very good money for referrals; just check out naga128.com for an example of a great affiliate marketing company/website in Malaysia.

5. An online shop

Of course, this is an obvious one. Find the right market to target and you could save all the costs and hassles involved with having your own physical shop because you can sell everything you need online.

Driving traffic to your site will mean undertaking several marketing and advertising strategies. Leaflets and business cards to local clientele is a great place to start. Local online advertising via directories is also a great way to start small.

Once you begin to conjure up interest locally, you can use your locally gained customers’ Social Media to spread the word about your online shop nationally.

How? Remember, people on Facebook will have customers all over the country, and some globally. You can create a Social Media campaign such as Facebook advertising to spread the word to those connected to the people that have liked, followed, or endorsed your website via comments/engagement

Facebook Ads allow you to reach out beyond those that have liked your page. What better than to reach out to friends of your customers as a large number of them will be like minded individuals hence the friendship. It then stands to reason that the friends would most likely like the same kind of product/service.

If you don’t want to use paid ads, then find another way to get more people to your site via Social Media like creating a competition that will help you achieve your goal

The End

Here are 5 ways you can make a career online. It is not for everyone and you will not always feel secure. Sometimes you will fail, but if you keep trying, you will win. Like I said, I am only at $3,000 – $,4000 a month. Some people I know are getting 10 times that! I still would never swap what I do now